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Airedale Corridors: A Masterplan and Strategy for Airedale was launched in 2005 to guide and accelerate the economic regeneration of the area. The Plan has an expected 20 year life, at its heart are the three towns of Keighley, Bingley and Shipley and the rural landscape that provides the backdrop for its regeneration.

The Masterplan emphasised Airedale's strengths as an attractive place to live and work, it is well connected, has a diverse economy and a focus on innovation and product development. It developed a vision for Airedale as a Creative, Connected and Lifestyle corridor with a rural backdrop and identified the areas economic potential to counterbalance the city centre.

Context Following a thorough review of progress with the Masterplan in 2012. It concluded that after 7 years of delivery 60% of the plan had been activated or delivered during times of significant economic and political change. (Airedale Masterplan Review 2012)

The future delivery of the masterplan needs to be sensitive and adaptable to these external forces and be able to ride out adverse impacts until developments can once more be fostered for the benefit of the District.

Key areas of work and outputs The Airedale Partnership identified the following as it's key priorities

Creative The Masterplan views job creation as a creative process and therefore a key priority. The Partnership objectives will be to continue supporting and promoting the roll out of superfast broadband in Airedale, looking at the supply of land and premises to support new and existing business and economic development. The Partnership will be represented on the Industrial Centres of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering and Business.

Landscape The geographic coverage of the Masterplan includes the largest rural component in the District, the rural economy is important to the Partnership. The quality of the landscape is one which draws both business and people to the area. The Partnership will continue to develop support for rural businesses as part of a vibrant landscape. LEADER and other rural funding provide the opportunities to take projects forward and invest in local business

Connected Airedale is an important economic area in the Leeds City Region, it is a good location for businesses there is a strong manufacturing and creative cluster with good road and rail links. The new Combined Authority has now been established. The Partnership will work to ensure that current key transport projects for Airedale such as the dualling of Hard Ings Road , Keighley are promoted and supported to bring them to fruition. We are currently reviewing routes for the future. The work plan is promoted and championed at the appropriate strategic level and the website will be updated and e-bulletins sent out regularly.

Living - The towns of Shipley, Bingley and Keighley continue to be drivers in the economy; the Partnership will support business focussed partnerships. It will continue work towards ensuring that the towns have strong business partnerships in Bingley and Shipley and for a Business Improvement District to be established in Keighley

Partnerships The Airedale Partnership has developed strong links with different partners over the years, this remains a key strength in the delivery of the aspirations of the


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16 May 2017 -
Regus opens business centre opens at Salts Mill in Saltaire

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