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Code of Practice – Impartial and Objective Service


All staff involved in service delivery will offer impartial, independent and unbiased information when responding to businesses enquiries


Businesses will be guaranteed complete confidentiality by staff when they deal with their requests for information, advice and guidance.

Client focused:

The process will be focused on meeting the business enquiry needs


All organisations working with the Partnership should demonstrate commitment to equal opportunities for all.

Freedom of Choice:

Businesses will be free to make an informed choice on courses of action to follow based on information and advice received from the Partnership


The process of responding to business enquiries will be open and transparent. Officers will use appropriate language to businesses on what service they will receive from us and any links to other agencies and services


The Partnership and its partners are committed to providing a high quality service to businesses providing up-to-date information and advice so that they have confidence in the service they receive to agreed standards.


The Partnership and its partners is committed to working with other organisations in its network to ensure that the needs of businesses are met.



20 January 2016 -
New era opens for medical firm

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20 January 2016 -
App from Saltaire boffins changing the face of healthcare

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Pop Up Business Cafe
11 February 2016
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