The Vision for Airedale
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Bradford ’s 20:20 Vision sees the towns of Keighley, Bingley and Shipley developing a strong identity as Airedale. Complementing that of Bradford’s to create a powerful, robust district economy within the wider Yorkshire and Humber region.

Building on its existing strengths in engineering electronics and digital industries, Airedale will grow as a centre for research and development and the production of high value innovative products. A place of learning excellence that supports the development of all its people

Positioned between the Yorkshire Dales and the thriving city centres of Leeds and Bradford, Airedale will provide a high quality living and working environment for all, with vibrant urban centres set within a rural landscape of exceptional quality. With key assets such as the world heritage site of Saltaire, Airedale will develop as a unique, networked group of strong, supportive and diverse communities linked by good public transport routes and first class communications networks.


20 April 2015 -
Scheme will help students to develop skills

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15 April 2015 -
Acorn sees profits lifting

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"Twitter for Business"
07 May 2015
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