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Dalton Lane Green Business Programme Case Studies 

Over the past twelve months over 25 businesses in the Dalton Lane area have participated in a Green Business Programme delivered by Groundwork. The programme, funded by Bradford Kick Start and supported by the Airedale Partnership, gave businesses access to a number of services including advice and training on how to improve their environmental performance, management of risks and site security. Match funding of £35,890 was also allocated to ten organisations to assist them in improving the physical appearance and security of their premises.

West Yorkshire Spinners Limited

West Yorkshire Spinners is a high quality spinner of worsted and fancy yarns for machine, hand knitting and carpet sectors of the industry. The company joined the Green Business Programme in order to identify ways to further improve its environmental performance and minimise related business costs. The company attended environmental management training sessions delivered by Groundwork, which included advice on writing an environmental policy, complying with legislation and identifying and implementing environmental improvements.

Over the duration of this programme, West Yorkshire Spinners has implemented several environmental initiatives and succeeded in reducing costs, as well as environmental impact, across a number of areas. The company has also formally communicated its ongoing commitment to the environment through establishing an environmental policy that meets the requirements of ISO14001.

Maureen DeSykes of West Yorkshire Spinners attended the training and advised '.The course run by Groundwork for business elements regarding to the environment was extremely beneficial to our company as it highlighted many issues that were relevant, environmentally and legally. I found the courses to be of a very informative nature and easy to follow. I would recommend any further courses to small businesses.'

Initiatives by West Yorkshire Spinners include:

  • Reducing waste to landfill by approximately 80% through recycling paper, cardboard and plastics. The company has forecasted it will save at least £250 per year from this alone
  • Improving energy efficiency through implementing a programme to update machinery motors with more efficient alternatives
  • Improving fuel and carbon efficiency through investment in a Volvo eco DRIVe. This model is currently best in its class for its CO2 emission figures of below 120g/km
  • Plans to undertake a lighting assessment to ascertain the cost/ benefit of upgrading to a more energy efficient design and specification
  • Plans to assess and reduce waste generated from the office areas.

West Yorkshire Spinners has been affected by crime and vandalism to its Dalton Lane premises. The company attended a security seminar set up by Groundwork to seek advice from the West Yorkshire Police, Bradford Council and specialist security firms. Capitalising on this advice and grants available through the project, the company was successful in its application for a contribution of £975 towards the cost of installing a CCTV camera system. It is too early to claim the CCTV system has succeeded in resolving all issues, however, the company has advised it is now much better informed about activities that take place on the premises out of business hours, therefore is better placed to devise appropriate preventative steps.

Congratulations to West Yorkshire Spinners for achieving a Silver Award in demonstrating their commitment to environmental management and improvement as part of the Green Business Programme.

T.W. Laycock Ltd

T.W. Laycock is a privately owned business which commenced trading in 1874. The prime function of the business is the design, manufacture and supply of seasonings, herbs and spices and food ingredients to all sectors of the food industry.

The company has a long standing interest in the environment and joined the Green Business Programme to identify ways in which they could minimise the impacts of their business activities and make cost savings. The company received an on-site environmental review and attended environmental management training sessions delivered by Groundwork. The training covered areas such as local and global environmental impacts, the environmental policy and environmental legislation. Other topics, such as resource efficiency and waste and energy management were covered.

Initiatives and benefits of the programme included:

  • An estimated 5-10% savings in energy and fuel costs.
  • Identification of "more ways to recycle, more savings to be made."
  • Creation of a wildlife zone on the premises, complete with nest boxes made from waste pallets.
  • Development of a company environmental policy to meet the requirements of ISO14001
  • Access to a 50% grant of £4485 allowing the company to fit new security fencing to the rear and side of their site.

"Mr Martin Hempel (Partner) said of the project ".having an outside independent perspective is invaluable.[and]. we are more aware now of our liabilities in terms of legislation."

 Congratulations to T.W. Laycock for achieving a Gold Award in demonstrating their commitment to environmental management and improvement as part of the Green Business Programme.



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